There’s tons of information out there for freelancers, but very little information to help clients like yourself hire the right person for their next project.

The freelancing market is complex and saturated. How do you know who to hire, where to find them, or how much to pay? You could waste thousands of dollars and weeks of your time hiring the wrong person. Then what?

I’m creating a valuable resource that will help clients like you:

  • Ensure you’re taking the right approach to the right project for your business
  • Minimize the time you spend searching for a freelancer
  • Minimize the risk you’ll take in hiring a freelancer
  • Give you confidence that you’ve found the perfect person for the job
  • Manage the person and the project effectively

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What exactly is included?

Here’s an overview of what I’m including for you:

  • [Part 1] Making the Decision to Hire a Freelancer
  • [Part 2] Preparing Yourself to Hire the Right Freelancer
  • [Part 3] How to Find & Qualify a Talented Freelancer
  • [Part 4] Understanding Hourly Rates, Fixed-Pricing, and Value
  • [Part 5] The Language of Design
  • [Part 6] The Language of Development
  • [Part 7] Managing Payments, Schedules, and Deadlines
  • [Part 8] How to Give Effective and Objective Design Feedback
  • [Part 9] Writing a Valuable Testimonial
  • [Part 10] How to Managing Ongoing Support

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