The Challenge

Cinematique is a startup company that has created the worlds first touchable video platform. It allows people to touch the items they like in a video, then learn more about, or even purchase those items. They had developed a working V1 product that was quickly gaining traction, but was in need of a design update.

Not updating the UX and UI of the player meant risking future investments and continuing to gain traction in the fashion, music and sports industries.

The goal of the project was to establish consistency and credibility across the product and company brand so that Cinematique could continue growing their startup business into a thriving company.

Touchable Video Player

Allowing users to touch videos meant establishing unprecedented workflows and user experiences. My task was to design an interface that allowed people to quickly learn what a successful and unsuccessful touch looked like as well as how to view and explore existing touches all without ever leaving the video player.

Company Website

The company website is home base for just about any startup. It’s where everyone (consumers and investors alike) goes to discover your product. A professional web presence that not only looked great, but also contained messaging that appealed to all relevant audiences was a key in establishing brand credibility.

iOS Application

What better place to touch a video that on your touch-enabled smartphone? Designing the iOS application was a critical component of the project.

In some ways, it was easier than the web platform because people are already used to the conventions, such as gestures, that a smartphone has established. In other ways, it was much more difficult because there was much less screen real estate to use for complex interactions.

Boiling each screen down to its simplest form was essential for providing a smooth and intuitive user experience.

Project Summary

In just a few short weeks, I was able to partner with Cinematique to enhance the consistency and credibility of their brand by updating the design of nearly all of their public-facing products.

By taking the time to understand their underlying goals, such as becoming more marketable to some of the largest brands in the world, I was able to help position their company to reach this goal through superior interface design.

With an updated and consistent brand, Cinematique is now able to better sell and market their product, which will likely result in increased revenue and a broader public outreach.

Matt is one of the most talented designers we’ve had the opportunity to work with at Cinematique - his classy, elegant design execution comes with great precision, insight, and understanding of the user experience.

Kyle HellerCo-Founder at Cinematique

Disclaimer: The thoughts expressed in this case study are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of the client and their business.