The Challenge

Owning a home is the biggest financial and emotional investment people ever make. If you own a home and need to hire a contractor to work on your deck, where do you go first? I’ll give you a hint, it’s not Google. Research shows that even when millenials have questions about home improvement, they consult their trusted circles of friends.

The Goal

Heighbor approached me with a need to invade the homeowner market with a website that replicates this exact interaction online.

The platform would allow homeowners to connect with each other in a completely visual way so they can improve their lives by learning from the experiences of others.

The community members would also use the site to scout and hire contractors that their friends know and trust. Likewise, the contractors would gain direct access to their exact target market.

User Experience Design

The best way to learn about home improvement is to see the results of others who have done the same. That led us to require users to upload an image to every post they make.

On Heighbor, users can create an image-based profile for each of their homes and add unlimited projects to each home. If the homeowner used a contractor for the project, they can link to that contractors profile page on the website.

The contractors profile will display a visual list of the projects they have completed for Heighbor community members.

User Interface Design

Heighbors target audience is primarily 25-35 year old women. More specifically, women who spend time on Pinterest looking for ways to turn their house into a dream home or time blogging about their decor.

To appeal to this audience while differentiating the service from other social platforms, we chose a light, desaturated purple as the primary color and made sure the website (if used properly) would be dominated by large, beautiful project imagery.

Project Summary

In just 6 short weeks, I was able to partner with the Heighbor team to refine their idea for a unique new business, strategize the best way to attract and engage users, and design an unprecendented online community for homeowners.

Once complete, my design work was then passed off to their talented development team for implementation. Together, we brought a brilliant idea to life that will change the way homeowners learn, share, and connect with one another.

Since day one, Matt took the time to listen to our details, strategize our vision together, and follow up to make sure we were in sync. He is an excellent communicator to the point that he became one of the team. We can truly say his talent and level of skill exceeded our expectations. Hands down we will be reaching out again and will recommend him to anyone in need.

Gavin ScherrCEO/Founder at Heighbor