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Featured Articles24 ArticlesA hand-picked selection of my best articles to help you navigate the complex world of freelancingGetting Clients22 ArticlesLearn how to attract freelance clients to your business rather than chasing after paid workPricing & Rates8 ArticlesLearn how to price your freelance services and set appropriate rates for each projectProposals & Contracts9 ArticlesLearn the difference between proposals and contracts and how to use each effectivelyProject Management14 ArticlesFind out how to schedule and complete your projects in a professional and timely mannerPayments & Invoicing11 ArticlesLearn how to properly send invoices and collect payments from your freelance clientsMarketing & Positioning17 ArticlesFind out how to market yourself to potential clients and position yourself for successFinances & Taxes10 ArticlesLearn how to manage your finances and save for taxes so you can grow your businessClient Communication12 ArticlesLearn how to communicate effectively with your clients and set clear expectationsPortfolio Websites10 ArticlesLearn how to create a captivating portfolio website that clients find irresistibleCareer Transitions11 ArticlesLearn how to navigate tricky career transitions and start your freelancing journeyProductivity18 ArticlesGet tips on how to stay productive and make the most of your time each dayLifestyle12 ArticlesLearn how to achieve a healthy work-life balance and work from home effectivelyNews & Opinion20 ArticlesView personal articles such as year-in-review articles, features, and special announcements.Guest Articles19 ArticlesView articles contributed by guest experts that specialize in freelancing topicsYear in Review9 ArticlesGet a glimpse into my own professional career and my personal life. These annual recaps highlight the best moments of each year!

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Project Proposal & Contract Bundle Best Seller!
Mastering Portfolio Websites
Kickstart Your Freelancing Career
Master Financial Spreadsheets
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