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Boonle: A New Type of Freelancing Platform

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The freelancing market is more saturated than ever. New freelancers entering the market are met with endless competition and resistance. Where do you find paying clients? How do you compete with more experienced freelancers? How much do you charge? Should you work for free? How do you build your portfolio and get the experience you need to better your career?

For clients looking to hire those freelancers, things aren’t much easier. How do you know which freelancer to hire? How do you know if you are getting a good deal? Where do you go to find them? How do you make time for managing another person in addition to all the work you are already busy doing?

Imagine a World…

Imagine a world where freelancers pick their clients on a first-come, first serve basis without any bidding or approval process. A world that allows them to enhance their skills, experience, and reputation while also turning a small profit for quality work. A world that helps them kickstart their freelancing career. And what if it was totally free?

Imagine if in that same world, clients could post projects they need done, sit back and wait for the work to be completed, and bypass the scouting and hiring process. What if they could download the files before paying? What if they could pay what they want for the work and leave a review, rather than negotiating rates upfront? What if that was also completely free?

That world is now available to you at boonle.com

How Does It Work?

Boonle is a new type of freelancing platform that turns the typical client/vendor paradigm upside-down. The incentive for freelancers is that they can get traction in a saturated market by doing work at a discounted price until they are ready to compete with more experienced and reputable freelancers. The incentive for clients is that they can post projects for free and pay what they want for the work.

The platform encourages good tipping by displaying the clients average tip amount on their public profiles. It also encourages high quality work by displaying the number of projects, appreciations, reviews, and reputation level on the freelancers public profile. Both profiles can be viewed before a project begins.

Shameless Promotion

In April 2015, the Boonle platform was very well-received by hundreds of technology enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and investors at the NY Tech Day conference. Over 17,000 people attended and Boonle was a smash hit. Hundreds of people have signed up already, high quality work has been done, and great tips have been given. The system is working and has been validated by real users.

So why am I promoting Boonle? Well, I designed it. But more importantly, I believe in it. I believe it is a great platform for new freelancers looking to enter a heavily saturated market. I believe that it’s an unprecedented tool for clients looking to avoid the traditional outsourcing process while getting quality work at well below market rate. I believe that the potential for a new type of freelancing has been born and I want you to be a part of it.

On Boonle, freelancers are called “Producers” and clients are called “Authors”. You do both from within the same account.

Sign up for free at boonle.com

Disclaimer: I normally wouldn’t be in favor of this type of platform, but it effectively fills a niche market gap where my typical advice for freelancers simply doesn’t apply… yet.

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