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Introducing Matthew's Design Co.

I recently launched a new website, brand, and company to accommodate an increasing demand of client projects. If you’re interested in hiring me, please visit the new website. mattolpinski.com will soon be focused entirely on helping freelancers. You can learn more about the transition here. Thank you!

—  Matt Olpinski

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Kickstart your freelancing career and totally dominate in a saturated market.

Types Of Contracts All Freelancers Should Know As 2+2

The promise of a better life and a flexible schedule is tempting more people who feel stuck in a 9-to-5 job to start freelancing. But it's not as freeing as you might think when you're in charge of every area of your business, including the legal contracts.

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How to Schedule Multiple Freelance Projects (and Avoid Burnout)

You must have a system in place for scheduling freelance projects, setting your availability, and maximizing your down time if you want to avoid burnout and keep your freelance business running smoothly.

Project Management
Why I Transitioned from 1099 to S-Corp (and How It Impacted My Freelancing Business)

If you're a freelancer, you're likely operating as a 1099 contractor. But that means you're paying high taxes, have no legal protection, and you're being perceived as an individual, not a business. Switching to an S-Corp can change all of that.

Taxes, Legal, and Insurance
A Beginner’s Guide to Value-Based Pricing

A value-based project is simply a fixed-fee project where the price is determined by the value of the outcome to the clients business – not the estimated time it will take to complete.

Pricing & PaymentsProject Management
6 Ways To Upgrade Your Website And Get The Clients You Deserve

In order for a website to keep working hard on your behalf, you need to give it a bit of regular attention. In this article, Jodie Manners outlines 6 ways you can upgrade your website today and start getting the clients you deserve.

Branding & MarketingGetting Clients
6 Pricing Strategies for Freelancers (and When You Should Use Each)

As a freelancer, you get to decide how to bill your clients – and there's no right or wrong billing strategy. In this article, we'll look at hourly rates, daily rates, weekly rates, monthly retainers, fixed-fee projects, and value-based pricing methods and identify the pros and cons of each.

Pricing & PaymentsProject Management
Why I Turned Down $30k and Refused to Get a Job in College

My parents were skeptical about my decision to be a designer. They thought I was nuts for refusing guaranteed income from a college job to "freelance" with no experience. But that all changed once I started getting experience and gaining momentum.

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Introducing The Freelance Institute – A global Slack community for freelancers.

Learn why I created a global Slack community for freelancers dedicated to learning and professional growth. Take a look behind the scenes and find out how The Freelance Institute was born and what my vision is for thousands of freelancers all over the world.

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How to Earn Freelance Income Without Any Clients

I've talked to dozens of freelancers need to find paying clients right now, but there's another way to earn money that most freelancers forget about. In fact, you can earn regular income every month without any clients at all. All you have to do is sell your own work.

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Why Thinking Like a Client Will Change Your Freelancing Career Forever

Most portfolio websites are focused on the wrong person. Thinking like a client might be all you need to kickstart your freelancing career. Find out how seeing myself from the perspective of a paying client redefined my freelancing career forever.

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Teach Freelance Clients to Respect Your Time By Setting Business Hours

Do you ever wonder why clients assume that freelancers are available 24/7, over weekends, and after hours? It's because too many freelancers respond to their requests over weekends and after hours. Teach clients to respect your time by setting normal business hours.

Client ManagementProductivity
How to Defend Your Design Decisions Without Sounding Defensive

When you put a design in front of a client, they're inevitably going to have an opinion on it. These strategies move the conversation away from who is right or wrong and re-focus both sides on the business goals the project aims to achieve.

Client ManagementProject Management
How I Earned My First $10,000 as a Freelance Web Designer

It took me a full four years to earn my first $10,000 of freelance income. Working 15 hours per week for most of each year, that works out to about $1.95 an hour. That's not good even for a college student, but that's where my story began.

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7 Lessons from My First Year as a Full-Time Freelancer

After one year of full-time freelancing, I share the observations I made, lessons I learned, advice I have for anyone interested in becoming a full-time freelancer. Make sure you have a desire to freelance, not just quit your 9-5 job. A false motivation can quickly lead to failure.

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How to Make Your Invoice Names a Little Less Awful

Most freelancers don't spend time thinking about the best way to name an invoice, but caring about the seemingly trivial aspects of your business (that other freelancers ignore) is what will set you apart in the eyes of your clients.

Pricing & PaymentsProject ManagementStarting a Business
Don’t Break Your Own Rules

I only experience problems with clients when I break my own rules. Accepting that position, attitude, and perspective is what enables you to learn and grow from your mistakes and make better decisions in the future.

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12 Things You Should Remove From Your Portfolio Website Immediately

A collection of brutally honest tips for what you should remove from your portfolio website immediately before someone decides to not hire you (and what to replace them with instead).

Branding & MarketingGetting Clients
How to Turn One Small Project Into Years of Predictable Income

There's nothing more valuable than having predictable income when you're a freelancer. Unreliable income holds us hostage to our business even if we've managed to free ourselves from past employers.

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