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How I Earned My First $10,000 as a Freelance Web Designer

It took me a full four years to earn my first $10,000 of freelance income. Working 15 hours per week for most of each year, that works out to about $1.95 an hour. That's not good even for a college student, but that's where my story began.

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7 Lessons from My First Year as a Full-Time Freelancer

After one year of full-time freelancing, I share the observations I made, lessons I learned, advice I have for anyone interested in becoming a full-time freelancer. Make sure you have a desire to freelance, not just quit your 9-5 job. A false motivation can quickly lead to failure.

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Don’t Break Your Own Rules

I only experience problems with clients when I break my own rules. Accepting that position, attitude, and perspective is what enables you to learn and grow from your mistakes and make better decisions in the future.

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How to Turn One Small Project Into Years of Predictable Income

There's nothing more valuable than having predictable income when you're a freelancer. Unreliable income holds us hostage to our business even if we've managed to free ourselves from past employers.

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How to Stay Comfortable as a Freelancer Even When You’re Stressed

There's no avoiding stressful and uncomfortable situations when you run your own freelancing business. The key to staying comfortable during stressful situations is to maintain control of your business from every angle.

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How to Find More Freelance Clients

If you're trying to find more freelance clients, you've got it all backwards. Instead, spend time giving potential clients more ways to find you.

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Find Your Own Success Without Idolizing People in Your Industry

Is there anyone in your industry you really admire? Anyone you follow intensely on social media? Blogs you read religiously? If only you could be more like them, your career would be better, right? Not necessarily.

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How to Decline a Project While Helping The Client Succeed

You won't be a good fit for every project, but don't leave your clients empty-handed. Learn how to decline projects while guiding them towards success.

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How I Sold a $6,000 Website to a Non-Profit Using Value-Based Pricing

Find out how I sold a $6,000 website to a non-profit using value-based pricing and why they agreed to pay 100% of the total cost upfront.

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3 Pricing Strategies Freelancers Use to Calculate Project Fees

You probably know by now that most freelancers will use hourly rates to calculate the price of your project, but did you know that there other pricing methods too? Today, I'd like to introduce you to a few common pricing strategies used by freelancers.

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10 Signs You’re About to Work With a Difficult Client

It's difficult to know which clients to work with and which ones to avoid. It's not always easy because that can sometimes mean rejecting potential income and a new portfolio piece, but working with the wrong client is never worth the headache.

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You Might Not Need a Redesign After All

Complete website redesigns are sometimes necessary, but they often require a large financial investment and leave lots of room for error. If you aren’t ready to hire a firm to guide you through that complex process, try using these suggestions to make the biggest improvements with the least amount of effort.

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How to Successfully Kickstart Your Freelancing Career

When I first started freelancing, I didn't quite know what I was doing. Here are 6 simple tips for taking your freelancing career to the next level as you work towards getting more projects and clients.

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Good Looks Don’t Bring In Sales

Pretty doesn’t count. There are plenty of designers out there capable of providing a brilliant design for your website. However, form and function don’t always solve underlying problems and meet the clients ultimate goals.

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Viewing Your Website as a Powerful Business Tool

Viewing your website as a business tool requires a perspective shift. You have to see it as an investment rather than an expense and it all starts by asking the right questions. Broader, more business-oriented questions.

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Debunking the SEO Myth

SEO isn't something that you need to hire a company to do and it's not something you need to pay for. SEO is something anyone can do on their own and it's completely free.

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