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How to Decline a Project While Helping The Client Succeed

You won't be a good fit for every project, but don't leave your clients empty-handed. Learn how to decline projects while guiding them towards success.

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5 Tips for Qualifying a Freelancer

Finding and qualifying a freelancer for your next project business isn't easy. Hire the perfect person for your next project without a hassle.

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Struggling with Late Payments? Stop Blaming Your Clients

Have you ever been stiffed by a client? You convinced them to hire you, everyone was eager to get stared, and everything seemed to be going great, but the client either paid you late or never paid you at all.

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How to Identify and Attract Your Ideal Freelance Client

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have the perfect clients always reaching out to you for work? It’s not only possible, but completely attainable for any freelancer. The key to attracting the right clients starts with understanding what you offer and what your clients are looking for.

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How to Convert Your Leads Into High-Paying Clients

As freelancers, we put a lot of time and effort into getting new leads, but we often forget how to close the deal once they arrive. A new lead isn’t much to brag about unless you can convert it into a high paying client who understands the value of your services.

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10 Signs You’re About to Work With a Difficult Client

It's difficult to know which clients to work with and which ones to avoid. It's not always easy because that can sometimes mean rejecting potential income and a new portfolio piece, but working with the wrong client is never worth the headache.

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The Golden Question No Other Freelancer Is Asking

The freelancing market is more oversaturated now that it has ever been before. If you really want to stand out from the crowd, simply asking this question will tell the client that you know what you are doing and that you care about their business.

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