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How to Find More Freelance Clients

If you're trying to find more freelance clients, you've got it all backwards. Instead, spend time giving potential clients more ways to find you.

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How To Build A High Performance Lead-Generating Website

You can't expect your website to attract and convert more leads just by making it look better. Many other factors contribute to your website's success.

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How to Write Great Copy When You’re Not Actually a Copywriter

Learn how to write great copy for your website that converts viewers into customers even if you don't have experience with copywriting, sales, or marketing.

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Reduce Referral Spam in Google Analytics Without Using Filters

Referral spam can pollute your Google Analytics account and make it impossible to track user data accurately, but you don't need to use complex filters.

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How to Market Yourself to Startups as a Freelancer

Over 100 million new businesses each year are trying to stake their claim in the startup world, but with so many businesses trying to create "the next big thing", finding the right startup to work with is tricky.

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How I Solved a Complex UX Problem Using the Bible

Find out how I used the Bible to solve a complex UX problem and design an interface that made browsing municipal code online easier for anyone.

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You Might Not Need a Redesign After All

Complete website redesigns are sometimes necessary, but they often require a large financial investment and leave lots of room for error. If you aren’t ready to hire a firm to guide you through that complex process, try using these suggestions to make the biggest improvements with the least amount of effort.

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Good Looks Don’t Bring In Sales

Pretty doesn’t count. There are plenty of designers out there capable of providing a brilliant design for your website. However, form and function don’t always solve underlying problems and meet the clients ultimate goals.

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Viewing Your Website as a Powerful Business Tool

Viewing your website as a business tool requires a perspective shift. You have to see it as an investment rather than an expense and it all starts by asking the right questions. Broader, more business-oriented questions.

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How Long Does it Take to Build a Website?

Whenever I am prospecting a new opportunity with a client, I often get asked how long it will take me to build the new website or application. The short answer is, it depends. Here are some factors that affect the timeline of a web project.

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The Purpose of Wireframes

Wireframes are the skeleton or structure behind the user interface. They don't define the "look and feel", but rather the layout, hierarchy, and interactions that make a good user experience.

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