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πŸ€” What's the best bank account for freelancers?
Hey @channel, where can I find a good freelance contract?
πŸ–₯️ Can anyone suggest changes to my portfolio website?
Should I stay a sole-proprietor or form an LLC?
Hey everyone! Where do I find my first freelance clients?
πŸ€’ How do I handle sick days as a freelancer?
Good morning everyone! How was your weekend? πŸ˜„
Hey @channel, how do I estimate the cost of a project?
πŸ—“οΈ Can anyone explain how retainers work?
Should I bill my clients hourly or charge a fixed price?
Hey everyone! Where do I find my first clients?
😰 My client is refusing to pay me. What should I do?
Can you really have "predictable income" as a freelancer?
Is it bad to use job board websites like UpWork or
πŸ™Œ Just wanted to share that I got my first ever freelance client!
Should I show pricing on my portfolio website?
πŸ’° What expenses can I write off as a freelancer?
@here Check out this freelancing resource I found yesterday! πŸ‘‡
How do I transition away from my day job?
πŸ“‘ What should I include in my project proposal?
How do I set communication boundaries with my clients?
Should I stay a sole-proprietor or form an LLC?
Thanks for the great feedback, everyone! πŸ™
⏰ What’s the best way to manage my time as a freelancer?
πŸ‘‹ Hey @channel, where do I find my first freelance clients?
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