Do you find yourself writing the same emails to your freelance clients over and over again? Stop wasting hours of your day re-writing emails when you could be working on a paid project. Send consistent and professional emails to your clients in seconds using these powerful templates.

As a freelancer working remotely, I treat every email as a reflection of myself and how I will treat the client’s project. So I’d spend hours writing well-constructed, detailed, concise emails to my clients. While they appreciated this, it was incredibly time-consuming and cause unnecessary cognitive overload.

After a while, it was no longer sustainable to spend so much of my time writing emails, but they were more necessary than ever. I knew there had to be a solution.

That’s when I discovered the power of email templates. The Yesware extension for Google Chrome adds a special button to your Gmail Composer that allows you to create email templates like the ones you’ll find in this download. I’ve even included a demo video to show you exactly how I use it.

Note: You do not need Yesware to use email templates. You can store them anywhere and paste them into any email composer as needed.

Using email templates will help you:

  • Write more consistent emails
  • Write more clearly and professionally
  • Save hours of time each week
  • Work with happier clients

To help get you started, I’ve identified the top 10 email templates I use to communicate with my freelance clients and compiled them together in this short book. You can use them just the way they are or completely customize them to fit your needs.

Video Tutorial

I made a tutorial video to show you how to create new templates and use existing ones to send consistent and professional emails to any client in under 30 seconds. That video is included with the download. The Yesware extension for Google Chrome is a lightweight and powerful tool that can save you hours of writing emails to your clients each week.

Included Templates:

  • Long-Term / Full-Time Recruiters – Use this template when responding to someone who wants you to consider a long-term, full-time, or on-site position.
  • Has Immediate Freelance Needs – Use this template when a client needs to start a project immediately, especially when your schedule is already full.
  • Redirect to Inquiry Form – Use this template to redirect people who did not fill out a project inquiry form to an online questionnaire.
  • Project Inquiry Follow-Up – Use this template after a client has filled out a project inquiry form.
  • No Response Follow-Up – Use this template to follow up with a unresponsive client after they have expressed interest in working with you.
  • Proposal Delivery – Use this template the first time you send a proposal to a client.
  • Change in Availability – Use this template after a proposal has been delivered, but written confirmation or a down payment has not been received.
  • Proposal Extension Reminder – Use this template to politely remind your client that they need to respond to your proposal in the specified timeframe.
  • Progress Report – Use this template to update your client on the progress you’ve made during a specified timeframe.
  • Thank You (for a Successful Project) – Use this template to send a thank you email to your client after the project has been completed successfully

Sample Emails

Do you get a lot of emails from recruiters? Instead of deleting them, be courteous and respond politely with this simple template:

Hi <Client Name>,

Thanks for reaching out to me with this great opportunity. Unfortunately, I’m self-employed as a full-time design consultant right now and not looking for long-term on-site commitments. However, if you or your clients are ever in need of valuable design expertise on a consulting basis, please feel free to contact me as I’m always looking for new and exciting projects to work on. Thanks!

<Your Name>

Are you currently booked with work, but want to make the most of every lead? You won’t have to leave them empty-handed with this template:

Hi <Client Name>,

Thanks for reaching out to me with this great opportunity. Unfortunately, I don’t have any immediate availability for new work right now. In fact, I am completely booked for <Time Frame>. While I may not be able to help right now, please keep me in mind for future projects and I’ll keep you in my contacts in case my availability changes. For now, you can check out this referrals page for a short list of freelancers I think you can trust with your project.

<Your Name>

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