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Kickstart Your Freelancing Career

Do you want to start freelancing, but aren't sure where to begin?

Tired of the 9-5 grind, but not sure if you can succeed as a freelancer? Learn if freelancing is right for you and if so, master the basics of freelancing with my all-time best advice for beginners and position yourself for long-term success.

  • 52 Pages + 7 chapters + 10 actionable worksheets
  • Identifying & attracting your ideal clients
  • Properly setting your rate and writing a winning proposal
  • Managing projects, clients, and expectations
  • Collecting payments, testimonials, and more!
Buy Now $27
What's included'?
52 Pages + 7 Chapters
This book is perfect for new freelancers and includes 52 pages organized into 7 valuable chapters
70 Questions
At the end of each chapter, you'll find a 10-question worksheet to help you put the advice into action for your own career
Advice for Any Industry
Not a designer or developer? No problem. This book is focused on the business of freelancing and applies to any industry!

What’s inside?

The book includes 10 worksheets with 70+ questions and 7 key takeaways to help you put this advice into action. It’s packed with professional insight and practical advice. Since this is a digital book, you’ll also gain free access to every new version of the book for free, forever.

  • Chapter 1: Is Freelancing Right for You?
  • Chapter 2: How to Make Freelancing Your Primary Income
  • Chapter 3: Identifying and Attracting Your Ideal Clients
  • Chapter 4: Properly Setting Your Rate
  • Chapter 5: Writing a Winning Proposal
  • Chapter 6: Managing Projects, Clients, and Expectations
  • Chapter 7: Collecting Payments, Testimonials, and Referrals

Why did I write this book?

In 2015, I quit my job to freelance full-time instead. Every year since I’ve earned well over six-figures from freelance income alone while working with some of the biggest clients in the world including Facebook, Marriott International, Bloomberg, and American Express (with no previous affiliation).

My website brings over 200 leads each year and I don’t spend a dime in marketing.

But… how did that happen?

How did I go from $3,500 of freelance income to six-figures in just two years?

I had a plan to become a full-time freelancer, and it worked. Really well.

When I quit my job, the transition was smooth. I wasn’t scared of where my next paycheck would come from because clients were coming to me on a regular basis. I had multiple projects secured in my calendar that would provide at least 6 months of consistent, reliable income.

I stopped charging hourly and invested in helpful freelancing resources such as books and courses that helped me learn fast and avoid critical mistakes. I only quit my job once I was confident I wouldn’t have to backpedal into the 9-5 world.

I started treating myself like a business and turned down projects and clients that weren’t a good fit. I raised my rates and began asking for upfront payment.

I did all of this and so much more. The changes I made completely transformed my career and my life for the better.

So, I wrote this book to teach you how to apply my game plan to your own career.

The advice in my book has since helped freelancers all over the world create a better life for themselves. The advice in this book will help you:

  • Get more clients
  • Raise your rates (by a lot!)
  • Learn how to sell based on value (not hours, pages, features, etc)
  • Stop charging hourly (use weekly rates, fixed-price, or retainers)
  • Transition away from 9-5 job (smoothly, without fear of failure)
  • Write winning proposals and use contracts
  • Establish consistent, reliable income (no roller-coasters)
  • Never risk late payments (or non-payments!)
  • Communicate more effectively with your clients
  • Get better feedback and minimize revisions
  • Avoid working with difficult clients

This will all lead to better work from better clients, which will lead to more money in your bank account each year.

This book is perfect if you’re just starting out and need your biggest freelancing questions answered.

Don’t make the mistake of deriving an hourly rate from your current salary and leaping away from the safety and stability of traditional employment.

Master the basics of freelancing and create a better life for yourself

Right now, you might be itching to quit your stale 9-5 job in favor of the freedom freelancing offers. Maybe you already have and desperately need more clients. If you’re anything like me, you might just want a little extra income and a change of pace.

Freelancing seems to offer an escape from the shackles of traditional employment, but it can cause overwhelming stress unless you know how to get more clients, properly set your rates, and stabilize your income.

Have you ever asked yourself…

  • What if I don’t get enough clients?
  • Can I live on unreliable and inconsistent income?
  • How do I write proposals and send professional emails?
  • How do I know what to charge?
  • What if I don’t get paid?

These are all legitimate fears and it can be challenging to push yourself to overcome them. Kickstart Your Freelancing Career answers your biggest freelancing questions and gives you the confidence you need to become a successful freelancer.

Who created this product?

👋 Hi! My name is Matt Olpinski!

I'm a web designer & developer who turned years of freelancing into a full-time career, and later into my own company, Matthews’ Design Co.

I’ve worked on major design projects with some of the biggest brands in the world, including Marriott International, Bloomberg, Facebook, DHL, Porsche, PayPal, Coca-Cola, and American Express.

I now teach 50,000+ freelancers each year get more clients, raise their rates, and build a successful freelance business through my articles, newsletter, products, and free book.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What format is the book?

The book is available in PDF format and less than 1MB in file size. It is currently not available in any other formats.

What if I don't like it?

I've worked hard to make sure this book is loaded with valuable advice and professional experience. If you don’t find this product valuable at all or if it’s not what you were expecting, let me know. Refund requests will be handled on an individual basis.

What's inside the book?

The book includes 10 worksheets with 70+ questions and 7 key takeaways to help you put this advice into action. It’s packed with professional insight and practical advice. Since this is a digital book, you’ll also gain free access to every new version of the book for free, forever.