Update: This package now includes a 6th spreadsheet!

Stay organized, save money.

Do you struggle to keep your finances organized each month? Do you have multiple income sources from different clients? Is it difficult to put money away for tax season while managing your expenses? Managing your financial life can be a headache.

That’s why I created these 6 powerful Google Spreadsheets – the same spreadsheets I use every day – to help you stay organized.

6 Intelligent Worksheets

This bundle includes a single Google Spreadsheet with 6 worksheets inside of it. With this setup, the worksheets can talk to each other and spit out relevant information. For example, when you punch in your monthly income, it will automatically subtract your expenses from another sheet and show you how much true net income you earned.

Here are the 6 worksheets you’ll get:

  • Expenses (monthly and annualized budgets)
  • Paycheck Divider (where does this money go?)
  • Sales Pipeline (won/lost projects + gross income)
  • Itemized Tax Deductions (how much can I deduct?)
  • Annual Income Log (how much have I actually earned?)
  • Annual Income Projector (what happens if I make $X?)

"I’ll admit it: accounting, taxes, and spreadsheets can be intimidating. That stuff used to put me to sleep, but now that I run my own business, I know they’re necessary tools and skills if I want to succeed. Luckily, I discovered Matt’s finance spreadsheets and they’ve made a HUGE difference in my freelance business.

I love that they’re easy to use and customize, even if you’re not the next Warren Buffet. They help me track my income and expenses and see the big picture so I can stay on top of my financial goals.

So if you’re a freelancer still struggling to get your finances organized, I’d definitely recommend checking out these spreadsheets. Seriously – you have NO excuse and I’m grateful that Matt put them together and is sharing them with his readers. "

Monthly Paycheck Divider

Do you have multiple income sources such as 1099 freelance income (pre-tax) and some W-2 payroll income (post-tax)? This worksheet has you covered. It tells you what you should save, automagically deducts your expenses, and tells you where the leftover money should go.

Annual Income Projector

Are you ambitious and curious to see how this year will go if you make a certain amount of money? Just enter what you think you’ll make into the annual income cell and the worksheet will tell you everything about the upcoming year in detail.

Sales Pipeline

This worksheet allows you to see at a glance what projects you won and lost this year while comparing your progress to previous years. At a glance, you can see how many project inquiries you get each year, what you earned from each, your total gross income, and your lifetime sales income.

Tax Deductions

This worksheet shows you what you can deduct from your income each quarter. The irregular, quarterly estimated tax breakdown is accounted for in this worksheet.

Monthly & Annualized Expenses

Easily keep track of your personal and business expenses each month. The annualized view shows what you need to make each year in order to survive. This worksheet powers the algorithms in other sheets such as the Monthly Paycheck Divider.

Income Log

It’s important to keep track of every penny you made in a calendar year. This is a simple worksheet that tallies up your pre-tax earnings for a birds-eye view of how you did this year.

Created in Google Docs

When you enter your email, I’ll send you a link which allows you to copy the Google Doc directly to your drive so you can avoid the hassle of importing and more importantly, maintain all the beautiful formatting I’ve created for you. Alternatively, you can import the files into Microsoft Excel or manually import them into Google Docs.

Customize Everything

These worksheets are fully editable and customizable. Missing something? Just add it in. Don’t need that column? Just delete it. These sheets were created using the most basic excel formulas available to make everything easier for you.

Before I created these spreadsheets, I was always scrambling for cash to make my estimated quarterly tax payments. Now I save thousands of dollars each year by using these worksheets to control where my money goes each month.

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