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Mastering Portfolio Websites

Is your portfolio website getting you enough freelance clients and projects?

Make strategic improvements to your website to attract high-value clients to your freelancing business. Stop chasing down work and transform your portfolio website into a powerful client-magnet that will help your freelance business thrive.

  • 52-Page PDF Book
  • Transform your portfolio website into a lead-generation machine
  • Shift your positioning to attract better clients
  • Improve your messaging & copywriting
  • Attract better clients and rank higher on Google
Buy Now $49
What's included'?
Rank Higher on Google
Harness the true power of SEO and make simple, strategic changes that will help you attract more clients
Attract High-Value Clients
Learn how to attract the right clients and use your website as a business tool that weeds out bad clients early on
Stop Chasing Paid Work
If you're always chasing down work, you're not really running a business. Your website should be doing this work for you
Unify Your Online Presence
Learn how to keep your online presence consistent across multiple platforms so you're sending a unified message
Improve Your Messaging
Learn how to speak to the right clients on your website. Get actionable advice you can start using today
Understand Positioning
Communicate a clear message to your ideal clients and set yourself up for long-term, sustainable success
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Transform your standard portfolio website into a powerful client-getting business tool.

My website was entirely focused on me, my work, and my accomplishments. It didn’t attract many freelance clients because it failed to tell them WHY they should hire me.

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Learn how to attract great clients and stop chasing down paid work.

My freelance portfolio website has attracted hundreds of clients each year and ranks on the first page of Google. I’ve never pursued a freelance client and constantly turn away work for lack of availability.

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Clients are searching for freelancers like you every day. You just have to make it easier for them find you.

One day I realized that clients all over the world were searching for freelancers just like me, but because my website was focused on me, it wasn’t appealing to them, and that’s why they weren’t contacting me.

Learn how I built a six-figure freelancing business by making simple, practical changes to my own portfolio website.

This guide is perfect for any freelancer who wants clients to find them, rather than constantly chasing after projects. You’ll learn how to make simple, meaningful changes to your portfolio website that attract more clients so you can spend less time chasing down paid work.

When you first start out, cold calls, emails, family and friends, and your immediate network are all fair game. You need to be proactive about getting your first clients.

But that’s simply not sustainable forever.

You must have at least some clients finding you through organic search if you want long-term success. That’s what this guide is all about.

What’s included?

  • Chapter 1: Have Your Own Website
  • Chapter 2: Define the Purpose of Your Website
  • Chapter 3: Write Copy for Your Ideal Clients
  • Chapter 4: Optimize for Seo
  • Chapter 5: Display Your Best, Most Relevant Work
  • Chapter 6: Design for Your Ideal Client
  • Chapter 7: Stay Consistent on Social Media
  • Chapter 8: Examine the Competition
  • Chapter 9: Take the Time to be Patient
  • Chapter 10: Bonus: Freelancing Resources

Harnessing the true power of SEO

I always cringed when I heard the term “SEO”. That’s a scam, right? Companies taking your money to help you rank higher on Google?

I thought the same thing until I learned how important SEO really is. In 2018, my website attracted 21,000 unique visitors and had 63,000 page views. 88% of that traffic was organic or direct.

I’ve never run a single paid ad, ever.

Search engine optimization done correctly can bring massive growth for your business. It’s simply about optimizing certain aspects of your website for search engines and of course, the people searching for you.

SEO is more than a stupid buzzword and you should care about it (because your competition doesn’t).

The dead-simple methods I’ve used to organically get my website in front of 20,000 people a year are all outlined in this guide.

Will this guide really work?

For over 5 years my website (this website) has continued to rank at the very top of Google for the following common queries. Go ahead, open these links in an incognito window and see for yourself:

I’ll show you exactly how I did it using dead-simple, common-sense content and SEO strategies.

👉 Don’t waste time experimenting on your own or throwing money in the garbage on social media ads.

Who created this product?

👋 Hi! My name is Matt Olpinski!

I'm a web designer & developer who turned years of freelancing into a full-time career, and later into my own company, Matthews’ Design Co.

I’ve worked on major design projects with some of the biggest brands in the world, including Marriott International, Bloomberg, Facebook, DHL, Porsche, PayPal, Coca-Cola, and American Express.

I now teach 50,000+ freelancers each year get more clients, raise their rates, and build a successful freelance business through my articles, newsletter, products, and free book.

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Still have a question?

Frequently Asked Questions

What format is the book?

The book is available in PDF format and is about 3MB in file size. It 49 pages in total. It's not currently available in any other format.

Is this book all about SEO?

No. There's a chapter on SEO, but it's mostly about showing you simple, strategic changes you can make to your website today that will help you attract more freelance clients.

Will this book teach me how to design or code my own website?

No, this book assumes you already have your own website or are capable of creating one. It's a guide to getting the most out of your portfolio website and how to position yourself for success.

What if I don't like it?

I've worked hard to make sure this guide is loaded with valuable advice that will actually work for your website. If you don’t find it valuable or if it’s not what you were expecting, let me know. Refund requests will be handled on an individual basis.

Was this book re-named?

Yes! This book is formerly "The Ultimate Guide to Getting More Clients From Your Website". I've renamed it to something much shorter and on-brand with my other products

Will this advice really work?

You bet! It's my entire success story, reverse-engineered into simple, actionable advice for freelancers. It's not a magic wand for instant clients, but it will help set you up for sustainable, long-term success.