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Portfolio Website Reviews

Submit a link to your portfolio website and I’ll record my screen as I give you detailed design and content feedback to help you get more freelance clients.

How It Works

  1. Submit a link to your portfolio website and share key details about your freelance business so I have context
  2. I’ll record my screen as I give you clear, actionable feedback on design, content, and SEO that you can start implementing right away
  3. No harsh criticism, only kind and constructive advice based on my own professional observations and experiences
  4. Get your video recording within a few business days and follow up via email with any questions or comments
My portfolio website analytics from 2015 – 2020

👎  Most freelance portfolio websites don’t do a good job of attracting clients…

How many clients have contacted you through your website in the last year? If you’re like most freelancers, probably not many. Are you using Google Analytics to track how many people visit your website? Most freelancers aren’t.

👉  When your website isn’t helping you get freelance clients, it can feel like a waste of time. From there, it’s easy to get caught up sending cold emails, running ads, or resorting to job board websites like UpWork.

Now you’re constantly chasing after paid work, which isn’t a sustainable business model if you’re looking for long-term freelancing success.

🖥️  Your portfolio website is your most valuable business tool

Your website should be working 24/7 on my behalf, attracting high-quality clients while weeding out the bad ones. It should make you more visible to potential clients and show them what you have to offer.

When you’re able to think like a client and see your website from their perspective, you’ll be able to adjust it accordingly.

Clients are searching for freelancers like you every day. You just have to make it easier for them to find you.

My portfolio website is the biggest reason for my success as a freelancer. Over the years, I’ve spent a tremendous amount of time refining it until it started to attracts great clients.

It has attracted hundreds of clients year after year and ranks on the first page of Google. I’ve never pursued a freelance client and constantly turn away work for lack of availability.

✅  What will I check for?

When reviewing your website, I’ll review the design, user experience, content, messaging, positioning, and search engine rankings along with anything else that stands out.

Most importantly, I’ll put myself in the shoes of your ideal client and review the website from their perspective.

My subjective design and content opinions aren’t what’s important. It’s how your ideal client is perceiving your website — and that’s what I’ll focus on primarily.

Portfolio review sessions cost $79 and I’ll do everything I can to make it the best money you’ve ever spent on your business!

🤔 Frequently Asked Questions

How long will your review be?
The duration of each review varies depending on the complexity of the website, but most reviews are between 10-15 minutes in length.

What software do you use to record the videos?
I’ll use Zoom to record my review (screencast + front camera so you can see my facial expressions), then upload to Google Drive and send you a link!

How will my review be delivered?
Once complete, I’ll upload your video review (.m4a and .mp4) to Google Drive and send you a link to download your zip file!

What if my website isn’t in English?
If your website isn’t in English, I’ll use Google Translate to conduct my review. Please make sure you’re comfortable with Google’s translation of your website before submitting your request.

What if I don’t speak English?
Unfortunately, I’m only able to record my website reviews in English. I may be able to offer a written summary of my notes which you can then translate to your language. Please contact me before submitting your request.

What if I don’t agree with your advice?
Unfortunately, you may not agree with everything I have to say, but I’m confident you’ll get enough valuable insight to justify the cost. By submitting your website you’re agreeing to trust my expertise. If you’re not sure, consider downloading my book Mastering Portfolio Websites for $49 instead.

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I've got over 10 years of professional freelancing experience and have helped thousands of freelancers level-up their career. I'm excited to hear from you!