The Challenge

Dumbwaiter, a digital design agency located in Rochester, NY, was in need of a new company website to help attract more clients and generate new business. Redesigning a website for a company that designs websites was no easy task, but my 3 year commitment to the agency as Interactive Art Director certainly made things easier.

With a little help from the Dumbwaiter team, I was able to successfully design and develop a brand new website that truly meets the needs of both prospective and returning clients during the last few weeks of my tenure.

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The Goal

Dumbwaiter was looking to achieve a few specific goals with this redesign. The first was to make their small, local agency look a little larger and more capable.

Secondly, the copy throughout the website needed to better explain what exactly the company offered and why potential clients should hire them for the job over their competitors.

Lastly, the presentation of their work needed to more effectively present how the solution helped the clients business.

Information Architecture & Copywriting

In order to capture the attention of users and prompt them to make a connection, it was critical that the copy on the website was updated to relate to Dumbwaiters target audience. Likewise, it was important that the existing pages were reorganized and expanded to contain more helpful information.

To ensure this happened, I created a flowchart showing the relationship between pages. Then, I spent time writing concise, yet catchy titles, taglines, and body text to accompany the new graphics on the website.

(Clear choices guide potential clients down an appropriate path)
User Interface Design

I used the colors and fonts from a recent rebranding to set the stage for the new design. However, this simplified layout made better use of negative space and big, high-contrast sections of color to draw the users attention to important areas of the page.

The use of long scrolling pages helped minimize clicks and keep relevant information all in one easy-to-use place on the site. New imagery and icons also helped communicate the personality and professionalism that the company prides itself in.

Project Summary

In just a few short weeks, and with a little help from the Dumbwaiter team, I was able to strategize, design, and develop the company’s new website.

Google Analytics shows a clear increase in traffic and user engagement. Sales calls and work inquiries have also increased since the new website launched.

Finally if you ever need a small, flexible, and affordable agency for your web or mobile needs, you should definitely contact their talented team through their shiny new website.