The Challenge

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship is a national non-profit campus ministry that establishes and advances witnessing communities of students and faculty. The regional NY/NJ website was visually outdated and hindering students and staff members from accessing important information, attending important events, and making donations to keep the ministry growing. IVCF needed a new mobile-friendly website that addressed these 3 main issues.

(The home page for the old website)
The Goal

After a strategic conversation with the NY/NJ regional director, it became clear that there were 3 main goals for the new website:

  • To encourage more students to attend these 3 main events
  • To make important information more accessible to students and staff
  • To increase donations that help grow the ministry

In order to reach more students on campus and make information more accessible, it was imperative that the website be mobile-friendly for all devices. To increase donations, the website needed to look professional, trustworthy, informative, and welcoming. All of this went into considerations as I designed, built, and launched a brand new responsive website for IVCF in just 3 weeks.

Increasing Event Attendance

It’s no secret that most college students have short attention spans and empty wallets. With an average $250 price tag on the 3 main annual events and IVCF only able to engage the students directly for a few hours each week, increasing event attendance was not an easy task.

To prove that these events were worth attending, the students needed to feel excited and the registration process had to be effortless.

By highlighting the events (and registration links) right on the home page and developing a mobile-friendly website, IVCF would now able to capitalize on the little time they spent with chapter members each week. The IVCF students could now browse events during the weekly meetings right from their phones and register with just a few taps. The use of large images from past events generated excitement among the students and encouraged them to attend.

(Mobile website as it appears on the iPhone 6)
Making Information More Accessible

The IVCF staff members often use the website to access important information such as the phone numbers and email address of all the campuses in the NY/NJ region. Students and staff also reference the regional leaders, blog articles, and mission statement.

The old website made this information difficult to read and find. To make everything easier, I included links to this frequently referenced information right from the home page. For the students, I placed a “Find Your Campus” link right at the top of the main landing page. Once there, icons next to each campus let students know whether the link would take them to a website or an email address.

At our first meeting Matt helped us to define the scope of our project and identify the goals we wanted to achieve. Then he worked with us to develop solutions that would meet our need, timeline, and budget. Matt’s redesign brought our website into the 21st century and helped us re-establish credibility with our constituents. I’d recommend Matt without hesitation.

Jason GabouryNY/NJ Regional Director at Intervarsity Christian Fellowship