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Project Proposal & Contract Bundle

Are you struggling to close deals and set the right project expectations?

Get the exact proposal + contract combo I’ve used to close $10k - $100k projects. You’ll get more clients to say “yes” to hiring you instead of the competition. Includes a detailed guide on how to leverage both documents to their maximum potential.

  • 10-page proposal template (with sample content!)
  • Lawyer-approved Master Services Agreement ($1,500 value!)
  • Close more deals, charge more, and look more professional
  • InDesign, Word, Plain Text formats
  • Send as PDF or use with online software like HelloSign or DocuSign!
  • Instruction guide + email delivery template
Buy Now $59
What's included'?
Project Proposal Template
My proposal template is ready-to-edit in InDesign, Word, or plaintext. Just replace the text or paste into your proposal software and you're ready to send!
Legally-Binding Contract
You'll get my Master Services Agreement in Word format, drafted by my lawyer. Just edit the details and attach it with the proposal.
Instruction Guide
You'll get written instructions showing you how to use both documents to their maximum potential.
Email Delivery Template
You'll get my bonus email delivery template to make sending even easier!
3 Convenient Formats
The proposal template comes in 3 formats (InDesign, Word, and Plain Text). The contract is Word format only.
Bonus Samples
You'll get a bonus proposal with real content to help you understand what to write in your own proposal!
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10-Page Proposal Template

Most freelancers spend hours talking to clients and hand-writing proposals only to hear crickets after sending them. This template will help you focus on sending the right message and setting the right expectations with your prospective clients so you can stop wasting time and start closing more deals. Available in InDesignWord, and plaintext files.

  • Page 1: Cover
  • Page 2: Project Summary
  • Page 3: Past Successes + Validation
  • Page 4: Recent Work Samples
  • Page 5: Clients You’ve Worked With
  • Page 6: The Offer
  • Page 7: Scope of Work
  • Page 8: Timeline + Payments
  • Page 9: Testimonials
  • Page 10: Signatures
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5-Page Master Services Agreement (MSA)

This contract is legally-binding and was written by my own legal council. It’s plug-and-play, easy to edit, and ready to use with any type of project or client. Your clients will respect you and you’ll set clear expectations before starting work. This contract alone is worth well over $1,500!

  • Definitions
  • Compensation
  • Payment
  • Late Payment
  • Changes to Project Scope
  • Delays
  • Client Responsibilities
  • Accreditation and Promotion
  • Term and Termination
  • Rights to Final Art
  • Dispute Resolution
  • And much more!
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Why not use a proposal software like Bonsai, Bidsketch, or PandaDoc?

These tools are great at generating layouts for proposals, but they all require you to input the content. With my plain text files, you can easily paste the content into your preferred tool to save time.

What’s the problem with most proposals?

Most proposals don’t do a good job of convincing the client to hire you. They’re frequently confused or combined with legal jargon, which makes them lengthy and difficult to understand. Most of all it distracts the reader (your potential client) from what you’re actually offering and how you can help their business grow.

Have you ever sent out a proposal for a project only to hear crickets? Or maybe the client “went in a different direction” after you spent hours exchanging emails, learning about their business, and writing a proposal.

If so, you’re not alone.

The quality and effectiveness of your project proposal will determine whether you’ll win a new project or lose it.

This is the critical juncture where a client chooses to hire and pay you. It’s also where most clients will abandon the project. The quality and effectiveness of your project proposal will determine whether you’ll win a new project or lose it. Yet, most freelancers fail to write effective proposals.

This proposal template and the free bonus content will help you impress more clients and win more projects.

Looking for More?

Additional Details

These templates also include real content from a proposal that resulted in a successful project. No lorem ipsum. That means you'll get a proven example of effective content for each section to maximize your chances of getting the project.

3 Flexible Formats
The proposal template comes in 3 editable formats: InDesign, Word, and plain text. The plain text version allows you to easily copy and paste the content into your preferred software. There's also the PDF version you can use for final design or layout reference. The contract template comes in Word and plain text formats.
Help Guide & Instruction Booklet
I've included a "tutorial" version of the proposal template as a short booklet to help you understand how to get the most out if it using your own content!
Bonus Email Template
After you've written a compelling proposal and finalized the contract terms, you'll have to send a compelling email to the client to further set expectations. I've included that email template for you to use as well!
Who created this product?

👋 Hi! My name is Matt Olpinski!

I'm a web designer & developer who turned years of freelancing into a full-time career, and later into my own company, Matthews’ Design Co.

I’ve worked on major design projects with some of the biggest brands in the world, including Marriott International, Bloomberg, Facebook, DHL, Porsche, PayPal, Coca-Cola, and American Express.

I now teach 50,000+ freelancers each year get more clients, raise their rates, and build a successful freelance business through my articles, newsletter, products, and free book.

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Still have a question?

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I actually get more clients?

This proposal isn't a magic wand that guarantees you more clients just because you use it. You need to be having the right conversations with your clients and earn their trust beforehand so that the proposal is leveraged to its maximum potential.

Is the contract legally-binding?

Yes! The Master Services Agreement was drafted by my own legal council and is as official as it gets. Any good lawyer should be willing to stand behind this contract. It's clear, legible, easy-to-edit, and will work with any type of project.

What if I don't like it?

If you don’t find this product valuable at all or if it’s just not what you were expecting, let me know. Refund requests will be handled on an individual basis. If you like it and find it valuable, please leave a review on Gumroad!

What's the difference between a proposal and a contract?

A proposal is focused on the high-level project background, scope of work, payment schedule, etc. A contract contains all the legal terms of engagement, which can easily distract a client from the proposal when the two are combined.

What formats will I receive?

You'll get multiple versions of each document. The proposal comes in PDF, InDesign, Word, and plain text formats. The contract comes in Word and plain text formats.

Will I get any instructions?

Yes! You'll get written instructions that show you how to leverage both documents to their maximum potential.